Your Shul at the Jersey Shore

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CBI, the modern orthodox community shul located in an environment with small town warmth and big city amenities: multiple kosher restaurants,  mikveh, Eruv, classes and programs.

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Long Branch

Shabbat Times

Shabbat Times for October 19-30
Parashat Lech Lecha 5779
Candle Lighting Time: 5:52p
Havdalah (50 min):  6:59p


Shabbat October 19-20
Mincha Fri:  5:50p
Shacharit:  9:00a
Talmud Class:  5:00p
Mincha Sat:  5:45p


Weekday October 21-26
Shacharit Sun-Fri:  6:45a
Shacharit Sun:  8:30a
Mincha: 5:50p