Your Shul at the Jersey Shore

Schedule for Selichot – 5778-5779

Selichot Schedule 2018


Saturday night September 1 – 10:00PM and 12:50AM

Minyan Sunday Morning September 2nd –  6:45AM and 8:30AM
(no selichot)

Minyan Monday Morning September 3rd – 6:45AM and 8:30AM
(beginning with Selichot)

Minyan Tuesday thru Friday September 4-7 – 6:20AM

Saturday night September 8 – 10:00PM
(Erev Rosh Hashanah)

Minyan Sunday Morning September 9th – 6:45AM and 8:30AM
(no selichot)

Minyan Wednesday thru Friday September 12-14 – 6:20AM

Minyan Sunday Morning September 16 – 6:45AM and 8:30AM
(beginning with Selichot)

Minyan Monday Morning September 17 – 6:20AM

Minyan Tuesday Morning September 18 – 6:20AM





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