Your Shul at the Jersey Shore




Thank You

Murray and Phyllis Zuckerman for the rare antique Bema table tapestry now hanging in the lobby of CBI.  The display case and plaque were designed and donated by the Zuckerman Family.  When in shul please be sure to view this beautiful historic wall-hanging.






Mazel Tov

Amy Shapiro (YJS Class of 2014) on being awarded the Keter Shem Tov Character Award of the Hillel Yeshiva National Honor Society for 2017. This award is presented in recognition of exceptional Middot in addition to excellence in academics.  The award is endowed by the Krost Family.

Special Discussion at Kiddush

Yom Ha’atzmaut Israeli Independence Day and The Controversy Regarding Its Observance and Celebration

Shavuot Learning Program

We will again be studying the Five Books of the Torah

54 Parshiot – 187 total chapters

All ages can sign up to study a chapter or a parsha with a commentary of their choice.  Study with family, friends, or independently

To register your selection contact:

Eve Pasternak (, or

Steve Pasternak (