Your Shul at the Jersey Shore


Heartfelt Condolences are Extended to

The family of Nancy Kaplan upon her recent passing

Shiva will be observed until Sunday morning at

993B Argyll Circle, Lakewood

Jews in the News

Last one for the winter is Monday, December 25 at 1:00pm

Series will resume in the Spring

AIPAC Conference

Please consider joining CBI at AIPAC’s Policy Conference on March 4-6, 2018 in Washington, DC.  Join over 16,000 activists as they come together in our nation’s capital to lobby for a safe and secure Israel. The Conference includes exhibitions of groundbreaking Israeli innovations that are saving American lives; keynote speeches by top leaders from both the United States and Israel; emotional and inspiring moments on stage; and smaller and more intimate educational breakout sessions. The Conference culminates in the opportunity for us to lobby our member of Congress on the pro-Israel agenda on Tuesday.

This Week’s Sermon

“Jerusalem & Chanukah” Reflections upon the US Recognition of Israel’s Capital

Special Chanukah Kiddush Park and Ocean Avenue

Thank-you to the following families for sponsoring this morning’s Chanukah Kiddush:

Barry and Wendy Dorf
Monty Fisher
Mark and Lynn Goldberg
Michael Kaabe
William and Carole Kaufman
Keith Kravitsky
Benjamin and Rachel Solomon