Your Shul at the Jersey Shore

Rabbi Braun

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Shabbat Parshat Shelach 5778

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Positive Aspect of the Maapilim

Adapted from Rabbi Braun’s sermon in 5774

They suddenly rouse themselves, the stalwart men of war,
lightning ablaze in their eyes, their faces aflame, hands on swords.
They raise a great shout with one voice, the voice of the six hundred thousand,
a voice that tears through the tumult, vies with the desert’s roar.
Encompassed by furious storm, resolute, unyielding, they cry:
“We are the brave !
Last of the enslaved !
First to be free !
With our own strong hand,
our hand alone,
we tore from our neck
the heavy yoke.

In the desert imprisoned,
to misery abandoned
by an avenging God,
a mere whispered song
of defiance and revolt
stirred us to rise.
To arms, comrades!
Seize sword and lance,
spear and javelin – advance!
Heaven’s rage defy
and in storm reply.
Since God denies us,
his ark refused us,
we will ascend alone,
outface his wrath,
the lightning’s path.

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1 2 3 62