Your Shul at the Jersey Shore


_DSC0036_edited-1 [800x600]The CBI youth department is pleased to offer a variety of programming for children and their families. 

Youth Groups – Every Shabbat morning, there are youth groups for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children, focusing on davening, parasha discussions, songs, stories, and games.

Learning Programs – This includes a series of parent-child classes, and lessons on holidays.

Holiday Celebrations – Our celebrations include a sukkah hop, decorating the sukkah, Chanukah party, and Purim carnival.

Chesed – Once a month, we join together to do an act of chesed, such as singing songs to senior citizens, playing games with people with disabilities, or preparing a meal at a soup kitchen.

Social Events – Our fun events include a movie night, bowling party, ice skating event, summer BBQ, and more.