Your Shul at the Jersey Shore


Heroes to Heroes Breakfast

CBI and Jewish War Veterans Post 125 (led by Post Commander Stanley Shapiro) held a Joint Sunday Breakfast (graciously sponsored by members Alan & Marlene Cohen) with featured speaker: Judy I. Schaffer, Founder & President of The Heroes to Heroes Foundation.

The Heroes to Heroes Foundation provides spiritual healing, suicide prevention, and a peer support program for combat veterans who suffer from Moral Injury, PTSD, or are having challenges returning to civilian life after serving our country.

Ms. Schaffer informed the crowd of approximately 70 how Heroes to Heroes teams up veterans for a life-changing journey to Israel to meet with IDF veterans and soldiers, the impact the trip has had on those who made the journey, and the goal of having more and more veterans make that journey. 

A Very Special Bat Mitzvah for Nine Lovely Ladies

In the fall of 2014, Madeline Forman conceived the idea of giving women who had not had the opportunity to have a Bat Mitzvah at the age of 12, the chance to do so. Ten women were eager to participate in this project. Unfortunately, due to the passing of Ruth Lapidus, our number was reduced to nine.

After months of studying with Rabbi Braun, the Torah portions that each of us would have presented as a child, we wrote summaries of our portion and what it meant to us. It was a wonderful experience of camaraderie and getting to know each other better as we learned together.

All our efforts culminated on May 3, 2015, when 9 of us gathered at Congregation Brothers of Israel to finally celebrate our Bat Mitzvahs and share what we had learned with approximately 120 guests.

Following the ceremony, we all entered a beautifully decorated social hall and feasted on a delicious lunch. Thanks to Madeline Forman for all her efforts in making all of this possible.

Of course we want to thank Rabbi Braun who not only met with us every week to teach us about our Torah portion but also made it a fun time. Also thanks to Shari Epstein for the beautiful invitation and certificates that she created. In addition, we thank Kim Mejer for taking our pictures and Monty Fisher for filming videos so that we can look back and recall this wonderful and meaningful day.

Roz Fisher