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Covid Safety Protocols

individuals who are fully vaccinated will no longer be required to wear a mask or maintain social distance while inside of the shul. We are confident that all of you will use your own good judgment in interactions with your fellow worshipers.

Of course, those who are symptomatic, even if vaccinated, are still expected to remain at home and may not attend shul, even masked, until they are 100% well. 

Those who have conditions or are taking medications that weaken the immune system should speak with their healthcare provider to determine what precautions they are advised to take.

We naturally expect all of our members and guests to be honest about their vaccination status and state of health, and to continue to adhere to all of the shul’s guidelines. But, in keeping with respecting others' privacy and views, we expect that no one feels it incumbent upon themselves to question the honesty and health of others.

We are very encouraged with the latest progress in our return to normal living, and look forward to a time very soon when we can all be back in shul, sitting side by side, without masks, in happiness, health, and unity.

Thu, February 2 2023 11 Shevat 5783