Your Shul at the Jersey Shore


We offer a wide array of classes for all levels of Jewish Knowledge covering a wide variety of topics. Whatever your interest, you’re sure to find an interesting class at Brothers of Israel.


Tuesday night @ 8:00 PM – Rabbi Braun

Rabbi Braun offers series of classes dedicated to helping us better appreciate and understand Judaism. The materials and ideas presented are meant to engage the learner in a rigorous and sophisticated manner yet are accessible and meaningful regardless of your background.

Last years classes included a series on “Culture Clash–when Jewish and secular values intersect,” on “Maimonides 13 Principles of Faith–what must a Jew Believe,” on “Pirkei Avot–a historical study,” on “Issues relating to the land of Israel,” and on “The Development of our Halacha” where does it come from and how does the system work? From Sinai to today.”

This year’s classes will focus upon Shabbat and Kashruth, Practice and Theory.

Shabbat Afternoon – 45 minutes before Mincha – Rabbi Braun

This class studies tractates that are most relevant and practical. The development of those laws is traced from the Mishna and Gemara to the commentators, codes and responsa literature. We recently concluded our study of Massechet Megillah which contains the laws of Torah reading and those related to the construction and destruction of shuls and other holy items.

Mevorchim Hachodesh program learning at Seudah Shlishit each month

We have two Shabbatons each year featuring a prominent scholar in residence and there are lectures by guest speakers.

We are constantly adapting programming to the interests of our membership and welcome suggestions for new programs.

For more information, contact Dr. Noah Gilson, Adult Education Chairman or Rabbi Braun