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Tuesday Night Class                                                  Weekly Dvar Torah

The Joke Wedding: An Annual Camp Ritual 9/19/23

The Old Shidduch Picture Bait & Switch 9/12/23

Undoing The Status of a Mamzer 9/5/23

The Wild Case of the Woman with 2 Husbands and a Child 8/29/23

The Widows/Agunot of Kfar Etzion 8/22/23

Agunot of the Holocaust 8/15/23

Conversion of an Interfaith Spouse. What if They Saved You During the Holocaust? 8/8/23

What is the Source of the Prohibition of a Convert to a Kohen? 8/1/23

The Jews of India: Are They Jewish And If So Can We Marry Them? 7/25/23

A Unique Case of Cherem D’Rabbeinu Gershom (Bigamy) and the Heter Meah Rabbanim 7/18/23

hould we Enact a Fast Day to Commemorate the Shoah? Dated 1945! 7/11/23

Setting Sail From the Detention Camps in Cypress on the Second Day of Sukkot 7/4/23

Weddings During the Omer on Pesach Sheni 6/27/23

Can You Use Chemical Analysis to Answer Halachic Questions? To Detect Chametz on Pesach? 6/20/23

Police in the New State of Israel: Can it Run According to Halacha? 5/13/23

Can We Authorize a Lesser Sin to Save Jews From a Graver Sin? (from a Detention Camp in Israel) 5/06/2023

Building Security Walls on Shabbat in 1948 5/23/23

Drawing or Sculptures of a Lion in Shul 5/16/23

Can you layn from a Torah without a Minyan? Can you send a Torah from Israel to the Diaspora 05/09/2023?

Counting the Shabbat Violator for Minyan: What makes a Jew? 05/02/2023

The Mitzvah to Tell The Story of the Exodus at Our Seder 03/29/2023

Chametz and Matzah 3/21/23

Can We Count Purim As One Of The 613 Mitzvoth? 2/28/23

Korban Pesach #2 why are there so many? how do we define an apostate? How do we relate? 2/21/23

The Korban Pesach The Pascal Offering and Its Eternal Meaning 2/14/23

Kiddush Hachodesh: Sanctifying The New Month (1/31/23)

Gid Hanashe - The Sciatic Nerve. Why Cant i Find a Kosher T-Bone? (1/24/2023)

Brit Milah- Circumcision: What Makes This Mitzvah Special?? Is Metzitzah B'peh Necessary? (1/4/23)

The First Mitzvah: Having Children 2,4,9, More? Can You Delay Having Children? (12/28/22)

Introduction To Mitzvoth and The First Mitzvah: Pru Urvi - The Mitzvah To Have Children (12/21/22)

Rav Yosef Tzvi Rimon -Kashering a Glass Stove Top for Pesach (3/29/2022)

Rav Yosef Tzvi Rimon - Kitniyot for Vegetarians on Pesach (3/22/2022)

Purim and Jewish Identity (H/T) Rav Yonatan Grossman) (3/8/2022)

Rav Reem Hacohen - Conversion in Israel (3/1/2022)

Rabbi Herschel Schachter - Women Rabbis 2/8/22

Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef-  The Status of Ethiopian Jews 1/18/22

Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach Electricity on Shabbat & Yom Tov 1/4/22

Rabbi Jacob Ettlinger- Counting the Non Observant for Minyanim 12/21/21

Rabbi Eliezer Waldenberg - Aborting a Tay Sachs Baby (12/14/21) 

Rabbi Eliezer Waldenberg- Sexual Reassignment Surgery (12/07/21)

Rav Moshe Feinstein - Our Relationship to Conservative Judaism (11/30/21)

Rav Moshe Feinstein - Artificial Insemination (11/23/21)

Rav Moshe Feinstein - Chalav Yisrael (11/16/21)

Blowing of the Shofar

The Importance of Treating Others With Respect Parashat Chayei Sarah 2023

Who Goes To War To Redeem Captives? Parashat Lech Lecha 2023

The Spiritual Draw of the Land of Israel Parashat Noach 2023

I Am My Brothers Keeper Parashat Bereshit 2023

The Bulls of Sukkoth: An Answer for Seth Engel (Shmini Atzeret 2023)

The Universal Aspect of Sukkot (Sukkot 2023)

The Question That Stumped Me? Parashat Ha'Azinu 2023

The Power Of Prayer (Rosh Hashanah 2023)

A Radical Concept of Repentance Parashat Nitzavim-Vayelech 2023

Can You Get Cursed For Not Doing Hagbah? Does Historical Context Affect Commentary? Parashat Ki Tavo 2023

Our Obsession with one time Mitzvoth Sending away the Mother Bird Parashat Ki Teitzei 2023

Whose Responsibility is it to Ensure That Our Batei Din Are Just? Parashat Shoftim 2023

To’evah/Abomination What does the Torah mean when it uses that term? Parashat Re'Eh 2023

Can The Wrong Attitude Towards Wealth Lead To Heresy? Parashat Eikev 2023

Can You Wear Crocs On Tisha B'Av? Parashat Vaetchanan 2023

The Key to Success re Fighting in Israel Parashat Devarim 2023

Where Does the Torah Really End? Parasha Matot-Masei 2023

What are the ideal attributes of a Jewish Leader? And why can’t we seem to find one? Parashat Pinchas 2023

Did Moshe Get the Wrong Rock? Could it be? Parashat Chukat 2023

The Politics of Argument and the Ancient Roots of False Piety Parashat Korach 2023

What went wrong with the spies?Are we still guilty of the same sins? Parashat Sh'lach 2023

Why Aren’t all Orthodox Jews Zionists? The Rav’s Answer from 1945! Parashat Behaalotcha 2023

Is The Nazir Simply Going to Rehab? Parashat Nasso 2023

The Mitzvah to Eat Chametz on Shavuot? Shabbat Shavuot 2023

What Number Means More to You: 6,000,000 or 613? Parashat Bamidbar 2023

Do We Serve Hashem Because We Have To or Do We Serve Hashem Because We Want To? Parashat Behar 2023

Can a Jew be too Holy? Parashat Emor 2023

The Hardest Religious Lesson to Learn! Parashat Acharei Mot 2023

Can Tzaraas Bring Us To The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow? Parashat Tazria-Metzora 2023

Our Children Complete Us, Parashat Tzav and Pesach Parashat Tzav 2023

Do We Really Want To Return To Korbanot? Parashat Vayikra 2023

Hesder or Kollel? Parashat Vayakhel Pekudei 2023

Why can't I play ball on Shabbas? An added dimension to Shabbas in Ki Tisa! 2023

The Urim and Tumim, an Ancient Ouija Board? Parashat Tetzaveh 2023

When Adar Comes, We Increase Our Joy? Magical Month? Do We Really Believe in Such a Thing? Parashat Terumah 2023

The Religious Importance of Being a Good Person Parashat Mishpatim 2023

The Eagles, Lord of The Ring, and Parashat Yitro Parashat Yitro 2023

False Moral Equivalence in the Middle East? What Are They Thinking? Parashat Beshalach 2023

Is it Really All About The Benjamins? Why Take The Egyptians Silver & Gold on the Way Out of Egypt? Parashat Bo 2023

Why Is It So Hard To Hold Onto the Land Of Israel? Why is Torah Learning Not Simple and Easy? Parashat Vaera 2023

Thoughts from AIPAC Conference 2023: A rejection of the "I am a nobody defense" Parashat Shmot 2023

Why Isn't My Kid Where i Want Them To Be Religiously? Lesson's From Yosef's Other Kids! Parashat Vayechi 2023

Shver Zayn a Yid, It Is Tough To Be a Jew. Why That Is a Terrible Phrase! Parashat Vayigash 2022

Oy Gevalt! Yosef Marries Out! Potiphar a Transgender Egyptian? Lessons for Chanuka and Today Parashat Miketz 2022

What Do Nearly All Modern Political Leaders Have In Common? Listen and Learn! Parashat Vayeshev 2022

Yaakov Avinu and his Raiders of the Lost Ark Moment Parashat Vayishlach 2022

Did Led Zeppelin Base Stariway to Heaven on Yaakov's Dream With the Angel? Parashat Vayetze 2022

Is Yitzchak Really a Blind Demented Old Man? Parashat Toldot 2022

The Role of Wealth in Shidduchim, Lessons from Avraham Avinu Parashat Chayei Sarah 2022

Lot's Wife Did Not Die Parashat Vayera 2022

Kanye West, Kyrie Irving, & Avraham Ha'lvri Parashat Lech Lecha 2022

The legendary story of the construction of the Gush Beit Midrash and its connection to Noah's Ark Parashat Noach 2022

God Has Thrown Down The Gauntlet Parashat Bereshit 2022

How to Avoid Sin? Fear and Threats of Positive Encouragement? Parashat Haazinu 2022

What is in a Name? Why Yom Kippur? Parashat Vayelech 2022

What Will it Be like in the Messianic Era? Messages for the Yamin Noraim parashat Nitzavim 2022

The Jew in Galus Just Waiting To Get Back To Israel or is There More Parashat Ki Tavo 2022

The Mitzvah to Bury Our Dead Immediately and a Message for Elul Parashat Ki Tetzeh 2022

The Challenge of Arrogance in Leadership and How to Combat it! Parashat Shoftim 2022

Dvar Torah with Guest Rabbi Sher Parashat Re'eh 2022

Hashem Lied and Intentionally Misled Us In The Writing of the Torah (At Least According to the Malbim) Parashat Eikev 2022

Should We Daven for the Impossible? Moshe's Plea to Enter Israel Parashat Vaetchanan 2022

What Does It Mean to Explain the Torah? Personal, Communal and National Goals Parashat Devarim 2022

Has the Diaspora Skewed our Perception of the Ideal Jew Parashat Matot Masei 2022

Pinchas, Justified Killing and Tzahal's Sniper from New Jersey Parashat Pincash 2022

Can We Learn the Essence of Shabbat from Bilaam Harasha? Parashat Balak 2022

Appreciate What You Have, Don't Wait Until It Is No Longer Here! Parashat Chukat 2022

Moshe Commands & God Obeys Parashat Korach 2022

Who Says we Have the Religious Right to Establish Medinat Yisrael Parashat Shlach 2022

Did Hashem Intentionally try to Confuse Us When Writing the Torah? The Yitro Episode Parashat Behaalotcha 2022

The Impact of Society Upon the Jew Parashat Naso 2022

Take the Frown and Turn it Upside Down: Why Hashem Counts Us Parashat Bamidbar 2022

What Brings a Jew To Despise The Mitzvoth Parashat Bechukotai 2022

What Does That Have To Do With The Price Of Tea In China Parashat Behar 2022

How To Speak So That People Will Listen: A Vort from Rav Amital zt"l Parashat Emor 2022

Food Halachos and Ancient Pagan Blood Rituals Parashat Kedoshim 2022

The Downside of Yom Kippur Parashat Acharei Mot 2022

What is With the Songs at the End of the Haggadah Pesach 1 2022

Hashem Loves You, Even When You Sin Parashat Metzora 2022

Spiritual Stagnation, Tzaraas and More Parashat Tazria 2022

21st Century Religious Issues and the Death of Nadav Avihu Parashat Shmini 2022

Purim and Jewish Identity (H/T) Rav Yonatan Grossman) Parashat Tzav 2022

Lessons From Parashat Zachor for the Russia/Ukraine War Parashat Vayikra 2022

A Bracha from Moshe Rabbeinu Parashat Pekudei 2022

Commanded Begins Parashat Vayekhel 2022

Did God Misplace the Incense Altar Parashat Tetzaveh 2022

Appreciating Our Shuls, Lessons From Chronology of Our Parsha Parashat Terumah 2022

Your Enemies Animals, Really? Parashat Mishpatim 2022

Did Moshe's Neck Really Turn to Stone Parashat Yitro 2022

The Eternal Message of Shabbat Parashat Beshalach 2022

The Inclusion of the Ger in the Korban Pesach Parashat Bo 2022

The Uniqueness and Importance of the Makkah of Boils Parashat Va'era 2022

The Fire at the Burning Bush Parashat Shmot 2021

You Should be as Ephraim and Menashe Parshat Vayechi 2021

The Timeless Message of Yosef's Wagon Parashat Vayigash 2021

Spiritual Optimization, the Message of Chanukah Parashat Miketz 2021

Happy Thanksgiving Parashat Vayeshev 2021

The Story of Shechem Parashat Vayishlach 2021

The Challenge of Modern Orthodoxy Parashat Vayetze 2021

Spiritual Wealth Management Parashat Toldot 2021

Purchase of Mearat HaMachpelah Parashat Chayei Sarah 2021

Avis Army Ceremony Parashat Vayera 2021

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